Solid Denim Sunglasses are the new innovation everyone is talking about for Spring/Summer 2016.  When I first heard the term , I thought the idea was a little strange. But then again, who knew 150 years ago that Denim would become the daily essential it has become? The brand behind these denim sunglasses, Mosevic, are based in Cornwall, England, 4000 miles from where denim was first worn.

 Each pair is handcrafted by combining six layers of premium denim, bound together by a special resin that gives them their texture. Jeans are cool by design, but what makes these really fabulous is how Mosevic sources their raw material. Remember those pricey designer jeans you bought? Turns out a lot of material goes into making them, and consequently, a lot of the denim goes to waste. Mosevic transforms what would have been waste,  into well-designed, high quality  denim sunglasses that use polarized Carl Zeiss lenses, and is every bit as cool as the most fabulous pair of jeans you own. This collection comes in three colours and three styles. 

  Denim Sunglasses Good Pickney:

They draw quite a lot of attention, anywhere you see someone in them. The striking, yet familiar look is a must have for your Spring/Summer2016  collection . However you choose to jazz up your wardrobe in the coming months, don't forget to add a pair of these denim sunglasses. They are perfect for a day on the town, a road trip, and even the nightclub if you're that daring. Like your favorite jeans, they go well with almost anything, and can be worn any day of the week. 

Staff Writer; Paul Thompson