Here's the truth. Our research shows that most folks don’t share our passion for sustainable luxury.  Sure, they want products  to have sustainable attributes and they plan to buy them, but many  times, their purchases don’t match up.  Why not?  We think it's not just the money. We think the problem is with the phrase 'sustainable luxury'.

It conjures up too many images of tree-huggers in wool socks and backpacking academics with scruffy beards having endless discussions about the things we should or should not do. Ok, that's a little mean, but you get the point. 

So here's what we've committed to at Good Pickney & Co.  We are not going to preach on and on about why you should buy this one over that one. We're saying instead,  'look, we have the coolest  products you've ever seen'. Like these Elvis & Kresse  bags made from 30 year old British Firehose. They last forever, and you'll feel good about owning a piece because they look fabulous,  and 50% of the profits from the brand go to support Firefighter Charities. 

 We're going even further, and saying 'hey, we know you love your traditional designer brands. So do we. Especially sunglasses. We own a few pairs. But we think there's room for variety, and that's why you'll love  these sunglasses from Mosevic. They are the  world's first sunglasses made entirely of Denim. Say what? Denim. Yes. They are comfy, different, cool, and more importantly, they are of the high quality you would expect from your favorite designer brand. And by the way, they're good for the planet because all the millions of scraps of denim involved in making your favorite designer jeans, are now being used to make really cool designer sunglasses.

So we're taking the kid gloves off. No more falling for the myth that 'sustainable luxury' isn't cool. It's the shy girl with braces who graduated at the top of the class, and went on to become a billionaire inventor. It's the overweight kid who grew up to become Mr. Universe. It's the ugly duckling who get the idea.

So to all the fashionistas and luxury connoisseurs  out there, you don't have to feel guilty for enjoying modern luxurious products. You deserve it. Truth is, we haven't found a word to replace 'sustainable luxury'. So until then, it'll have to do. And what it means for us, is well-made, high quality products  that do not harm the planet or the people who make them. Is that sexy or what?


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